Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wishes Do Come True!

Hi Friends,
     Have I got GREAT news...I've met my goal of walking 1010 for Mom Cindy's birthday on 10/10/55. How is that for a birthday present? Mom Cindy's been coming with me (she wears the pedometer) and we've logged 1145 miles since March 1. Now, about Sister Tully...she is flat out lazy. She used to walk around the neighborhood with us, now she only wants to go around one short block. Bad news for her; she's going to have to find something else to give Mom Cindy for her birthday, 'cause I'm not letting her take the credit for my miles!
     Mom Cindy said that this year, she got her birthday wish before she even blew out her candles. I don't know much about money (everybody just gives me stuff), but she's all excited about the money she and her family and friends have raised for the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA). This doesn't mean much to me, but she's raised $11,835.00 and has another $3,000.00 in in-kind gifts to LFA. That's almost $15,000.00, all to help people with lupus. She's all excited about meeting both the walking and fundraising goal before her birthday. I think it is great too, 'cause she keeps giving me lots of hugs and doggie treats :) .
      Thank you all for all of your help and you'll still see us out walking least two of us enjoy it!

Doggie kisses, Landis

P.S. Dad Tony taught me about football (you know I'm his Big Boy) and since I'm named after a building at FSU, thought I should add...Go Noles!

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