Thursday, October 21, 2010

**I'm a STAR**

Hi Friends,
     You are not going to believe this...I'm on the cover of a magazine!!! That's me sitting down being a good boy. You know how much I've done for the Lupus Foundation of America. I've walked and helped Mom Cindy raise over $16,000.00 this year. Well...they called me to be a "cover boy." Because I like to think of myself as a good guy, I decided to ask Mom Cindy and Little Miss Tully to be on the cover too. Tully decided that she could pretend she was walking for the cover, even though we all know she doesn't like to walk and tends to be a bit lazy. Mom Cindy likes to walk when she's feeling good, so I was ok with her on the cover. They even interviewed her about Controlling Your Life with Lupus and put more pictures of us inside the magazine. I just know I'm going to be famous!!!
     Mom Cindy asked me to thank everybody again for being so thoughtful and generous during our fundraising walk. To date, we have raised $16, 060.00. It is ALL going to help people with lupus and their families, which makes me really happy. Mom Cindy said it is the best birthday present she's ever gotten!
     The fans are calling...gotta go hit the neighborhood and see all my buds.
Big doggie kisses, Landis

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wishes Do Come True!

Hi Friends,
     Have I got GREAT news...I've met my goal of walking 1010 for Mom Cindy's birthday on 10/10/55. How is that for a birthday present? Mom Cindy's been coming with me (she wears the pedometer) and we've logged 1145 miles since March 1. Now, about Sister Tully...she is flat out lazy. She used to walk around the neighborhood with us, now she only wants to go around one short block. Bad news for her; she's going to have to find something else to give Mom Cindy for her birthday, 'cause I'm not letting her take the credit for my miles!
     Mom Cindy said that this year, she got her birthday wish before she even blew out her candles. I don't know much about money (everybody just gives me stuff), but she's all excited about the money she and her family and friends have raised for the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA). This doesn't mean much to me, but she's raised $11,835.00 and has another $3,000.00 in in-kind gifts to LFA. That's almost $15,000.00, all to help people with lupus. She's all excited about meeting both the walking and fundraising goal before her birthday. I think it is great too, 'cause she keeps giving me lots of hugs and doggie treats :) .
      Thank you all for all of your help and you'll still see us out walking least two of us enjoy it!

Doggie kisses, Landis

P.S. Dad Tony taught me about football (you know I'm his Big Boy) and since I'm named after a building at FSU, thought I should add...Go Noles!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life is Good....Again!

Hi Friends,
    I know, it has been awhile since I've written. That is because Mom Cindy got really sick and had to go to the hospital and have 6 weeks of IV antibiotics. Needless to say, it slowed down our efforts. Good news...she's all better and we're out walking and raising funds for lupus again. Well, most of us...Sister Tully doesn't like the heat (or walking, really), so Mom Cindy and I are doing most of the walking.
   We have some new members of our "team" too. Grandmother Pat is helping us with fundraising..thank you so much Pat! She and my "guy" buddy D-tom continue to help in so many wonderful ways! Also Dad Tony and Robbie and our friends at Fidelity Printing have been incredibly patient and generous in helping the Lupus Foundation of America with their printing needs. A big "bark out" to all of you!!!
    Time to hit the sidewalks. Mom Cindy will tally our miles soon and you can see our fundraising is also moving right along.
    Thanks everyone for your support.
Doggie kisses, Landis

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I've Been Thinking.....

Hi Friends,
     You know when Mom Cindy takes me for a walk, I have lots and lots of time to think and ponder things. This week, I've been pondering the Easter Bunny. Last weekend there was all this hoopla over a bunny that sneaks into your house at night and leaves colored eggs in a basket. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Then I thought about another holiday...Thanksgiving and it has a turkey (although it gets eaten :( . So why isn't there a holiday where dogs are special?
     Here's what I've come up with...dogs will take the Fourth of July! You know it is already the "dog days of summer" and people seem to like "hot" dogs, which I'll be in July, so I say dogs of the world unite. On the eve of the Fourth of July, we will sneak around the neighborhood in the dark and leave flags in everyone's yards. We are already checking out all those yards anyway, so it will be perfect!
     I want to tell you that these are all my ideas. Tully doesn't seem to think about much when she's walking around the neighborhood, except about finishing the walk and going back to sleep. I've told you before I'm the Big Boy in the house!
     Special thanks to all of you who have been contributing to our fundraising!!! We are at 10%...hooray for us. Lots of you have been asking me about our walking...well, Mom Cindy and I (sometimes Dad Tony and Tully) have walked 227.85 miles in March. We are on track to do our part, we just need help with the fundraising.
   Sending BIG doggie kisses and love, Landis

P.S. You can click donate on the left and make a donation to the Lupus Foundation of America in our honor!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Big Trip

Hi Friends,

Look closely at the picture of the Capitol. Do you see me.....noooooooooo! Mom Cindy went to Washington, DC to talk to our Senators and Representatives and guess what she did? She left me home. I still can't believe it. After all of the walking I've done for lupus, she went on this walk to the Capitol without me. Now, it would have been ok if she had left my little sis home, but not me...her big boy. Although I'm very upset about this whole thing, I've decided I'm going to keep walking for all of those people who have lupus. It is only by all of us helping out that they will find a cure for that awful disease and help all those nice people that have it. So, I'm putting my hard feelings aside and I'm going to keep walking.

Also, thank you so much to all of you who made a donation while Mom Cindy was in DC. Our total is going up all the time! If you want to make one now, you can hit the donate button on the left.

I've got to go now. All this talk about walking is making me hungry and dinner is out!

Big doggie kisses to all my buddies,
Landis (and Tully, I guess)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big Help She Is!

Hi Everyone,
     We're back and we are walking for lupus again. We got a little sidetracked last year when Mom Cindy had neck surgery, but we are ready to go now!
     You might recall that when I left off I was getting something called a sister...who knew it was another dog and that she could completely upset my beautiful "only dog" status. Well, she has. Word of advise, don't ever ask for a sister.
     Now, about our walk. It is kinda cool this year. Mom Cindy is going to be 55 (don't tell her I told you) on October 10, 2010...10/10/10. I think that is pretty neat, so I've agreed to help her walk 1010 miles (get it, 10-10?) and raise $10,000.00 for the Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. She has lupus, so she wants all this money to go to them so they can help find a cure and support other people like her that have the disease. Unfortunately, I don't have this much money (I've spent all mine on Milk Bones....yummmm), so we need your help. It is very easy, you can either send us a check (I promise to send it to LFA, not use it for treats) made out to Lupus Foundation of America to her address listed at the end of this post or you can visit and make a donation immediately. Plus, we've added a little widget on the left to show you how we are doing (you can hit donate there, too!).
    One last thing, Mom Cindy thinks my little sis, Tully is going to be a big help. She says we'll have 10 legs that way. Oh yeah, look at that picture I took, does she look like she's going to be the least bit helpful???? She's a homebody and doesn't like to walk or ride in the car. Lucky me, sometimes it means I get to go all by myself.
    Sending a big doggie kiss to all my buds out there in cyberspace, Landis

Cindy Coney
4406 Culbreath Ave.
Tampa, FL  33609

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another D-O-G!

Hi Friends,
Well, just as I suspected, a "sister" is a dog! Her name is Tully (like the gym at FSU) and she's small and brown. I thought it was going to be awful...being an only dog for two years and all, but it is not so bad. She likes to play!!! When I run in the backyard, she chases me; when I pick up the pull toy, she tugs on the other end. Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually finding it more fun to play with her than with my humans. When Mom Cindy isn't running her out to the grass in the front yard, mumbling something about housebreaking, we play together and I even let her nap next to me sometimes. I can't believe I was ever as small as she is.
As an update on our walk; we are doing great. We've logged in lots of miles and have begun to raise money for lupus. I told Mom Cindy that we don't need to walk as far this year, because Tully has 4 legs and we can get her miles this year, too. Her legs are kinda short, so she won't log in too many, but every little bit helps, just like the donations.
We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We are so very thankful for all of our family and friends. We appreciate all of your support in our efforts.

Big and little doggie kisses, Landis and "sister" Tully

P.S. Mom Cindy said she'd update the miles we've walked when Tully naps one day ( could be awhile!!!).