Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big Help She Is!

Hi Everyone,
     We're back and we are walking for lupus again. We got a little sidetracked last year when Mom Cindy had neck surgery, but we are ready to go now!
     You might recall that when I left off I was getting something called a sister...who knew it was another dog and that she could completely upset my beautiful "only dog" status. Well, she has. Word of advise, don't ever ask for a sister.
     Now, about our walk. It is kinda cool this year. Mom Cindy is going to be 55 (don't tell her I told you) on October 10, 2010...10/10/10. I think that is pretty neat, so I've agreed to help her walk 1010 miles (get it, 10-10?) and raise $10,000.00 for the Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. She has lupus, so she wants all this money to go to them so they can help find a cure and support other people like her that have the disease. Unfortunately, I don't have this much money (I've spent all mine on Milk Bones....yummmm), so we need your help. It is very easy, you can either send us a check (I promise to send it to LFA, not use it for treats) made out to Lupus Foundation of America to her address listed at the end of this post or you can visit www.firstgiving.com/cindyconey and make a donation immediately. Plus, we've added a little widget on the left to show you how we are doing (you can hit donate there, too!).
    One last thing, Mom Cindy thinks my little sis, Tully is going to be a big help. She says we'll have 10 legs that way. Oh yeah, look at that picture I took, does she look like she's going to be the least bit helpful???? She's a homebody and doesn't like to walk or ride in the car. Lucky me, sometimes it means I get to go all by myself.
    Sending a big doggie kiss to all my buds out there in cyberspace, Landis

Cindy Coney
4406 Culbreath Ave.
Tampa, FL  33609

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chris said...

I read your very long walk post, and it made me smile! I too struggle with this illness and it is a struggle, like all diseases.. I am proud of you and will keep up to date on what you are doing from your blog! Thanks for all the walking you do to help this cause! God bless you and yours.