Sunday, September 30, 2007

We are Walking for Lupus...Please Help Us

If you've reached my blog, you probably know by now that my human mom, Cindy, and I are walking 916 miles around our neighborhood by March 10, 2008 to help support finding the cause and cure for lupus and to support all people touched by the disease. You can find out all about that at We'd LOVE to have your support!!!!
Why did Mom Cindy choose to walk 916 miles (I think she's crazy, but....)and March 10, 2008? Apparently, on March 10, 2008, the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) will have hundreds, if not thousands of lupus patients and their families visit their Senators and Representatives to inform them about lupus and ask for their support. It is 916 miles from our house in Tampa, FL to the steps of Capitol Mom Cindy and I are going to walk the distance around the neighborhood. You'll be able to follow our progress on this blog.
You'll also get to share the experience with me. I'll introduce you to all of my dog friends in the neighborhood and hopefully some will even let me post their pictures! You'll love seeing them, I have some really cute friends :)
As the reason for supporting lupus, Mom Cindy has lupus. She takes LOTS of medicine, but takes great care of me, so I'm willing to help her on this endeavor :) If you want to learn more about lupus you can visit Mom Cindy is Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the Lupus Foundation of America. She would really like for research to find some new medications for lupus, since a new medication hasn't come out for lupus in 40 years and the ones she takes make her feel yucky sometimes. Your contribution can help make her dream come true!
I don't walk quite as far as Mom Cindy, so I'll be keeping the blog. We'll share all kinds of fun things and even post who our "Top Dog" donors are!
Please, please, help us reach our goals....Big doggie kisses, Landis Coney

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