Monday, October 1, 2007

Good Thing I'm So Cute

Hi Friends,

My tail is wagging and I'm happy as can be today! I especially want to thank all of our friends for being so generous with your contributions. I have to tell you that I'm really happy they came in yesterday and today, because otherwise, I would be in BIG trouble. Mom Cindy went out for awhile after our walk today and I had a blast. I got into she and Dad's bedroom and I got into what mom calls "mischief." I thought it was just called having fun when I pulled some clothes all over the house, chewed up some of Dads toiletries, destroyed a few hangers...just an overall good time. Well, I could tell when Mom Cindy got home that she wasn't any too happy with me. She just kept saying, "Good thing you are so cute." I've never thought much about my looks, but apparently they matter a great deal to my mom! If y'all hadn't sent your contributions today she said she might have "skinned me alive," so thanks again for those donations!!!!! The walking is coming well. I'm trying to line up a few of my friends for photos, so you can get to know them. I think you'll enjoy meeting my friends in the "hood" stay tuned.

Todays tally is:

17.13 miles walked, 898.87 miles to go

$1600.00 raised, $7560.00 to go

Thanks again friends, Landis the adorable pup!

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