Saturday, September 27, 2008

Here We Go Again!!!

Hi Friends,

I'm back!!!!

Can you believe it....Mom Cindy has decided we are going to walk to raise money for lupus again! The only good thing is that I really like walking around our neighborhood. We have lots of other dogs that I get to see, but I like seeing their people even more. Lots and lots of them stop to pet me when we go is just the best!

I've got some other news that I'm not sure about at all. I'm getting something called a "sister". Now, from what I can figure out, it must be another dog, because I saw this pink collar and leash come in the house the other day and surely Mom Cindy wouldn't think I'd want a pink leash. I'm a big BOY now. Did you know I was 2 years old last week??? Well, so far nothing has showed up but the leash and pictures. I included the picture at the top, not because of the "sister," but because she and I have the same dog mom, Savannah. That's her in the picture. Supposedly one of the little brown things is Tully, my new half sister. I'll let you know how all of this works out...she's coming around Halloween.

Gotta go start walking. Come join us anytime.

Lots of love and doggie kisses, Landis

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Ally Coney said...

Oh can never go wrong when there is a reason for more pink in your house!