Friday, April 18, 2008

Off to Morroco!!!

Hi Friends,

I have got a BIG secret.....Mom Cindy is going to visit Jules in Morroco on Monday and she thinks she's going alone. Well, I've decided that I am going to be a stowaway. See, I found her suitcase sitting on the floor and I jumped in and I think I'll fit!!!! I just can't wait to see Jules. The only bad thing is that I hear she has two cats. Now tell me this....who in the world wants cats???? Us dogs are sooooooooo much better!!!! At least they are kittens, so maybe they'll be fun to play with????

So, I might not be answering your e-mails for a little while or posting on the blog, but when we get home we'll have lots and lots of pictures to share; so stay tuned.

Keep your fingers (paws) crossed that Mom Cindy doesn't discover my hiding place before we leave. I think I'd miss her an awful lot if she goes without me!

Big doggie kisses....Landis

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