Monday, October 8, 2007

I Went on a Trip!!

Hi Friends,
Guess what? I got to go to Tallahassee! Dad Tony's birthday is today and Mom Cindy's birthday is Weds., so we went up to spend time with Carolyn (my human sister). I got to play with my two cousins, Cloud and Dax...I'll tell you more about them and show you a picture in another post. I have to get to the most exciting news now....I went walking around FSU campus won't believe it....they named a building and a big green after me!!!!! That's me in front of the sign. I have more pictures from campus for later, but couldn't wait to share this one with you.
Other good news...Mom Cindy didn't make me walk to far. I guess when you are going to be her age...364 years old in dog years, you don't walk too far EVERY day!!!! She says the walking is easier than the fundraising, though! So, visit us at if you want to help with the fundraising, even little bits help. We just like seeing the total go up!
GTG...I think a dog just walked by the house! Doggie love, Landis
52.85 miles walked, 863.15 to go
$2125.00 raised, $7035.00 to go

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