Saturday, October 13, 2007

I've Got New Neighbors!!!

Hi Friends,

Thanks to all of you who have donated to this very long walk! We're STILL walking. Today Mom Cindy and Dad Tony said I was "full of energy" so they took me on their whole walk....5.3 miles. WHEW...whatever "full of energy" means, I think I need to tone it down, or I'll be worn out from all of this walking!!!

I've got more good news. I've got new next door neighbors....DOG neighbors!!! Three of them, in one house. You can see their picture. Aren't they adorable??!!?? In the picture, Chanel is on the left, then Spanky, then Grizzly. They travel with their human (and very nice) mom Janine to California, but they are home now. When they are gone, I check EVERY day to see if they are back. I just can't believe I lucked into 3 dog neighbors!!!!

Mom Cindy got her Lupus Now magazine and she's been reading it. If you ever want to know anything about Lupus, you can ask her. After 27 years, I'm sure she can answer your questions!

That's all my news for now. I've got a secret though...Mom Cindy is going out of town and I'm planning to be lazy while she's gone...shhhhhhhhhhhh....we'll just keep that a secret, 'cause I know she'll be out walking.

Doggie love, Landis

88.52 miles walked...827.48 to go!!!

$3375.oo raised...$5785.00 to go!!!

1 comment:

Landiscuz said...

HOW LUCKY!!!!!! Thats soooo cool, Landis you have your own doggie neighbors. I'm jelouss. Good luck walkin!!!!!

,Your Cuz Ally<3