Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You Won't Believe It!

Hi Friends,
Get this.....Mom Cindy comes home very late last night from a trip. She loves on me a bit; we get up this morning and go for a walk; THEN she takes me to get groomed! I couldn't believe it. I hate getting groomed. I just don't understand why Mom Cindy and Dad Tony like me lookin' good. So I have a few mats and tangles in my coat...maybe dreadlocks would be an option! What do you think?
As if that isn't bad enough, she takes that silly looking picture of me soaking wet. Between you and me, look closely, I'm sticking out my tongue at her, but don't tell her. I really love my Mom Cindy, but this being beautiful thing just isn't fun.
Oh yeah, you're probably reading this to find out about our walk. Remember I was going to take it easy while Mom Cindy was gone? Well, Dad Tony took me on my walks...apparently I behave better after a walk :)
We're doing great on our fundraising and our mileage! Thanks soooooo much to everyone that has contributed!
Wet doggie kisses, Landis
155.70 miles walked, 760.30 to go
$3675.00 raised, $5485.00 to go
Be sure to send your friends to www.firstgiving.com/cindyconey


chronic chick said...

Thanks for you both walking for lupus. I know all to well about lupus; as I too live with it.If you like we can exchange links.

Landis Coney said...

I'm happy to exchange links, but I don't know how :)