Monday, November 5, 2007

Dogs in the "Hood"

Hi Friends,

YIPEE!!!!! Mom Cindy and I have raised over $4000.00 with your help. We're smilin' cause that means more money to find the cause and cure for lupus!

Remember when I promised I'd introduce you to more of my friends...well, today you get to meet one of my guy friends-Corky. Corky lives right around the corner from me and every morning I get to walk by his house. The best days are when he's out and we get to sniff around in his yard together. I see his human Mom Elizabeth everyday, too. She's the best 'cause she lets me jump on her and give her "wheatie" kisses in the face! You know how much I like to do that :) It is hard to believe that some people don't like it very much!

Guess what, I also got to talk (ok-bark) to my human sister, Jules, yesterday. She's in the Peace Corps in Morocco and Mom Cindy, Dad Tony and I really miss her. By the time she gets home in 2 years, I'm really going to be all grown up. She's doin' good though, so we're all happy for her.

Gotta run, it's playtime with the ball for me!!! Doggie Love, Landis

245.41 miles walked, 670.59 to go!

$4175.00 raised, $4985.00 to go!

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