Monday, November 12, 2007

A Shopping Spree

Hi Friends,

I learned something new! I learned what "shopping" is. Mom Cindy left the house empty handed and she came back with a brown bag. She opened it and inside were presents for ME!!! I got a new Christmas collar and leash AND a Christmas stocking. Mom Cindy says that if I'm good, Santa will fill my stockings with presents. It sounds great, but being good until Christmas might be kinda tough for me. What do you think happens if you're almost good??? I'll try my hardest, but since I'm still a kid, being good ALL the time might be impossible. I do think I'm going to like Christmas though. WOW, what's better than bones and balls and stuff in your stocking???

We're STILL walking. It is pretty nice now that is has cooled off a bit. You know wearing this fur coat all of the time makes me a bit hot in the summer. I think winter walking will be more to my liking.

Guess who's coming to play with me this week. D-tom! He's my human grandfather and I love to play with him. When I hear him coming I run grab my toys! He lets me run in the backyard and jump on him and kiss him...he's the best!

GTG...dinner time and I'm a good eater!!! Doggie kisses, Landis

285.30 miles walked, 630.70 to go!

$4225 raised, $4935 to go! Thanks for all of your help and support

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Ally Coney said...

Oh Landis...welcome to the wonderful world of shopping! Keep up the great walking!