Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving


This is a very special week. Mom Cindy told me that Thursday is Thanksgiving. (She has to tell me these things 'cause I don't keep a calendar!) She explained about all of the turkey and food and stuff and it sounds great! Maybe some will end up in my bowl, instead of that dry old stuff I usually get.

She also told me that it is a time to be thankful for things. So, I thought real hard (a bit challenging for me) and I came up with a list of 5 things I'm thankful for. Here they are:

1. Mom Cindy's lap

2. My toy basket-and Dad Tony and D-tom to play with me with them

3. My big backyard to run in

4. My "man cave" It is my secret hiding place under Mom Cindy and Dad Tony's bed. When I get something I'm not suppose to have I run, run and hide under there with it...shhhhh, don't tell them, it is my stash.

5. My friends in the neighborhood...both human and canine (see, I can use big words)

Mom Cindy said I should add all of you who have been so generous with your support of our walk for you can be #6 on my list. We know we wouldn't be raising any money if it wasn't for each of you!

So, have a Happy Thanksgiving, pray some turkey ends up in my dish and thanks again for being the blessings behind our walk.

Holiday Hugs, Landis

366 miles walked, 549.17 to go

$4275 raised, $4885 to go

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