Monday, December 3, 2007

A Dog's Life

Hi Everybody, Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. I did, but that turkey never did land in my dish! I know that as you have been reading these posts, you probably think that I just lounge around the house all day. Well....that could not be farther from the truth. I have some very serious responsibilities around here. First, it is my responsibility to warn the humans about the intruders, which includes all of the envelopes that someone sticks through the hole in the door everyday. This is the job that I take most seriously. I try to warn Mom Cindy when I hear the mail truck coming down the street, then I bark and bark when he is in my driveway, if she still doesn't get it, I personally attack the invading mail. You know, you just can't be too careful about stuff getting in your house! Also, every day while Mom Cindy is getting dressed, I sit on the edge of her bed and look out the window to make sure there are no invaders coming to our house. (That's me guarding the house in the picture) Every Tuesday someone comes with these big noisy machines and does something to the greass, then blows all the leaves around. I give them a real piece of my mind every week, but they still keep coming! I do not like people messing with my yard! I have also taken it upon myself to be personally responsible for all socks in the house. If someone drops one, I grab it up and run put it away under the bed (the man cave), if someone happens to leave a pair on the bed....fair game, into the man cave they go. It is kinda fun to watch Mom Cindy and Dad Tony try to catch me to get it back though! So you see, life as a dog in the Coney household is a huge responsibility. So far, I think I've exceeded everyone's expectations of my jobs :) Last thing (I feel a bit chatty tonight) we've walked over half way to Washington DC and have raised almost half of our money for lupus...I am pretty proud even though I have tired tootsies!!! Doggie kisses, Landis 465.21 miles walked, 450.79 to go! $4375.00 raised, $4785.00 to go!

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