Sunday, December 9, 2007

Get A Load of This!

Hi All,

You won't believe what the humans are up to now. Yesterday, I'm minding my own business and they bring a tree in the house...yes, a tree! Then, you won't believe it, they act like this tree is very special and they start hanging all of these balls all over it. They seem very proud of the whole thing, so I guess I'll just go along with it...whatever makes them happy!

Tonight the human family all came over to eat dinner and sit and look at this tree. That is one of my Ally cousins in the picture (in front of the "special" tree). I'm a lucky dog 'cause I have two Ally cousins. Humans can be so strange...I only have two human girl cousins and they are both named Allison. This is the young one. She's a blast, 'cause she chases me around the yard and plays with me. The other one is a older and she doesn't chase me...she did comment that she liked my shopping blog though! Mom Cindy loves both of them a whole bunch.

On the lupus front, no new medicines yet. Mom Cindy really, really wants some new ones. The ones she takes now cause all kinds of problems. That's why we are doing all this walking. To raise money for research.

Happy Holidays. If you are in the neighborhood, be sure and stop by and see "the tree". I did notice that my stocking got hung up too, so maybe the gifts will be coming to fill it soon! Lots of doggie love, Landis

508.49 miles walked, 407.51 to go!

$4425.00 raised, $4730.00 to go!

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