Friday, December 21, 2007

I Got A Present!!!

Hi Friends,

Guess what??? (Yes, Mom got me reindeer antlers, oh goodie!) I got a present from my doggie friends, Spanky, Chanel and Grizzly! They brought me a whole bag of the best stuff....treats, toys, even a light you chase around the house. I think I'm going to like Christmas a whole bunch. Bring on the reindeer, the Santas and even the Christmas trees; silly as it seems to have a tree in the house!

Mom Cindy and I want to thank all of you for your very special gifts to the Lupus Foundation of America. We are the ones doing the walking, but you are the ones who are contributing to research to find the cure for lupus. Mom Cindy could really use some new medicine too. The ones she has been taking are making her feel kind of yucky sometimes. She and the other 1.5 million lupus patients in America REALLY appreciate your help!!!

One more thing! I've figured out where squirrels go. Every day lately, I walk around the neighborhood and all of these squirrels scamper across the sidewalk in front of me. I thought they crosssed the sidewalk, then disappeared. You won't believe this...they climb up trees! Who would have thought that! I followed one and right up the tree it went. Wish I could do that! Mom Cindy and Dad Tony said I don't have a hunting bone in my body...whatever that means!

Well, that's about enough for tonight. Hope you all have a VERY Merry Christmas! Santa should be good to you, 'cause you've been helping others. I'll let you know what I get. I just know something will be in my stocking Christmas morning, 'cause Mom Cindy always says I'm a good boy!!!

Big doggie kisses from under the mistletoe.....Landis

586.98 miles walked, 329.02 to go!

$6315.00 raised, $2845.00 to go!!!