Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hi Friends,

Well, apparently the humans are now having ANOTHER holiday! This one is even stranger than the last. From what I can tell, this one involves watching football games on tv, yelling for the Noles, staying up very late and eating some weird food. Mom Cindy says it is black-eyed peas and greens and they are for good luck. Whatever....the whole thing seems VERY strange to me!!

But....as for Christmas, I've decided I LOVE that holiday. Santa came (and I didn't even hear him, or bark) and he filled my stocking with presents. I got a new collar and leash. They say PEACE on them and they remind us all of the wonderful work that Jules is doing in the Peace Corps. I also got another ball that squeaks and a few treats (not black-eyed peas, thank goodness). I wonder when Christmas comes again....soon, I hope!

As for the walking, it has been fun. Dad Tony has been going too and we've gone some different places. Lots of new sights, smells and other dogs. Mom Cindy keeps track of our miles and we are doing really good. Can you believe we have walked 650.19 miles? Our miles have taken us past Fayetteville, NC, so far. Not too much farther to DC. I was peeking over Mom Cindy's shoulder when she was looking at the map and noticed it is only a 14 hour drive from Tampa to DC. It is taking us over 5 months. Why do you think we are walking instead of driving??? Again, humans can be so strange!!!

Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness in 2008. If you want, you can share that wealth with us. We still have a little way to go on the fundraising side.

Big doggie kisses, Landis

650.19 walked; 265.81 to go!

$6640.00 raised, $2520.00 to go!!

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Ally Coney said...

Happy New Year sweet Landis! I do agree that a whole day of football and different food is quite peculiar. I'm proud of you and your fabulous mom Cindy for all of your walking! Love you.