Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another Strange Celebration!!!


Living in Tampa, FL is just a thrill a minute! You are not going to believe what the humans are celebrating now. They are celebrating PIRATES....yes, PIRATES. It seems that for some strange reason they have these parades and pirates invade the city. Dad Tony is a pirate, so I just thought I'd be a little pirate, too! All of this is called Gasparilla. I hear it is something like Mardi Gras in New I know what that is! Supposedly it is lots of fun, with beads, floats, 3 parades and fireworks (oh great, I really don't like fireworks!). I'll let you know about it all next time.

As for the walk and the fundraising, Mom Cindy says we are getting REALLY close. We have walked 772.35 miles and raised $7595.00. That is pretty amazing, isn't it??? And think, ALL of this money is going to such a good cause....The Lupus Foundation of America. Won't you be happy when people living with lupus have better lives, because there are new medications? Mom Cindy needs some new medications. The ones she's been taking aren't working as well and she keeps getting all of these ulcers in her mouth. I would hate that 'cause I really like to eat!

Well, I've gotta run. I think the fireworks are tonight! Maybe I could get some earplugs...I do not like the noise they make, especially because it sounds like they are coming right in my house...and you know I'm very protective of my house!

Thanks to everyone that has been following our adventure. We really appreciate your support.

Doggie kisses, Landis

772.65 miles walked, ONLY 143.35 to go!

$7565.00 raised, ONLY $1595.00 to go!!

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LFA said...

Congrats! Sounds like all is going very well.