Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."~Roger Caras

Hi Friends,
Today is the best day. I'm writing my blog and Mom Cindy didn't make me dress up or pose for a picture. You will be happy to hear that I survived the Gasparilla celebration. Oh boy, I did not like those pirates or the guns that they were shooting. I, for one, am very happy the whole thing is over. I don't like Gasparilla nearly as much as Christmas on the human holiday scale. Do you think Christmas will come again soon? I REALLY like my toys and I've eaten all of my treats. If you see Santa, tell him I'm really, really trying to be a good boy!!!
Guess what else? There is a new Wheaten terrier puppy in the neighborhood...Scooter. He's very cute and likes to play. I'll try to get a picture with him one day soon, so you can see him!
Mom Cindy and Dad Tony have been very sad this week. Two very special people in their lives passed away. I can't imagine how hard it must be for someone you love to go to heaven...even though I know it is a great place! I know they miss their friends, so I've tried to be extra special loving this week. It isn't hard, 'cause I love sitting in Mom Cindy's lap and playing with Dad Tony.
My last bit of news....Mom Cindy and I have less than 100 miles to walk. Can you believe we have walked 822.75 miles since September 30. Honestly, I can, but I'm really just kidding about it being hard. I love my walks! I see all of my friends in the 'hood, get to sniff everything and I even stop and smell the flowers. Mom Cindy always says more humans should stop and smell the flowers like I do!!!
It is a beautiful day outside...think I'll go out and play.
Big doggie kisses, Landis

822.75 miles walked, only 92.95 to go!
$7865 raised, only $1295 to go!!!!

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