Thursday, October 21, 2010

**I'm a STAR**

Hi Friends,
     You are not going to believe this...I'm on the cover of a magazine!!! That's me sitting down being a good boy. You know how much I've done for the Lupus Foundation of America. I've walked and helped Mom Cindy raise over $16,000.00 this year. Well...they called me to be a "cover boy." Because I like to think of myself as a good guy, I decided to ask Mom Cindy and Little Miss Tully to be on the cover too. Tully decided that she could pretend she was walking for the cover, even though we all know she doesn't like to walk and tends to be a bit lazy. Mom Cindy likes to walk when she's feeling good, so I was ok with her on the cover. They even interviewed her about Controlling Your Life with Lupus and put more pictures of us inside the magazine. I just know I'm going to be famous!!!
     Mom Cindy asked me to thank everybody again for being so thoughtful and generous during our fundraising walk. To date, we have raised $16, 060.00. It is ALL going to help people with lupus and their families, which makes me really happy. Mom Cindy said it is the best birthday present she's ever gotten!
     The fans are calling...gotta go hit the neighborhood and see all my buds.
Big doggie kisses, Landis

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Ellen said...

Cool... the Lupus Now issue with you on the cover is sitting on my coffee table. I found your site on a link on the LFA site. Have a great day!

Ellen, Lupus Adventurer